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Bank On Traffic Info

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Hello and welcome to my Bank On Traffic info page you have been invited to view about this new online advertising, traffic lead generation, extra income earning, business concept that was only started on the 26th March 2013 so it is quite new and works as you can see below.. 
So if you want and need more traffic to your sites then you should take a good look at what BankOnTraffic can offer.. Believe me.

Check out Bank On Traffic's First Conference call below now..

Please be advised we do use for connecting with all members in our team because we created a team skype room which if you use skype we can invite you to also.. 
Plus we have the companies Admin in our skype room, even in our facebook group too and a direct contact with the sites owners. What more can you ask not many sites would do that!
So if you use and you are not as yet connected to me on skype please add me as a contact look for EzyNtrPrise my main profile skype user name it would be to your advantage..
We also have a Facebook group info page too so when you join us as a free member user within our team I will email you with that info along with all our future BT updates so I will keep in touch with you so you can be certain of that.. 
Plus as time passes you can invite your sponsored people as well as long as they have a BankOnTraffic 
referral link like this here as you may already know which can be found in your Back Office on the site as you login you will be able to find it.. 
Yes I know there is lots of info on this blog all about BT as you can see so scroll down asap!
See the latest BT info videos below now..

The video you now see above was made on the 19th of April 2013 after only 3 weeks of my participation within this concept because I first made a purchase of my initial traffic packs on the 26th March 2013 so I was happy with my results upto this point in time.. At the moment 2 more videos of my back office are being made to show how the changes within my involvement have progressed since the one above was made.. Also one will show how to proceed from beginning a new purchased pack using an account I will create using my wife's information for an account I have decided to create for her so do call back as you watch this space.. 
Look at these PowerPoint Presentations you now see below :-

Here too..

We would like to add something on the referrals issue. 
To me, this program is very similar to BB before the recent changes. 
Looking at this model it is possible to earn without referrals, it will be a slower process, because some earnings will be required to purchase sales credits/traffic. 
So, if you have 2 or even 4 or better more sponsored people, that does not give you commissions no but your referrals supply the sales credit, therefore earnings are in your E-wallet. 
That's not that hard to do once you explain what BT has on offer so whoever you invite to check BT out for free to start they will thankyou when they see traffic and earnings start to hit there sites and E-Wallet also..
Please remember. 
This Business Model is not a fast money maker, but rather a slower progressive build of your account to achieve higher earnings. 
We know for a fact the huge amounts of money were made by some BB members.
We also have a group room you can apply to join along with your own sponsored people.. 
Plus not forgetting my BT FB like page here  
Plus you can check out some info videos I made here with some more good info below each one..
Plus some recent images I added to my FB page here of a transaction on a recent withdrawel made by a BT upgraded user they did to test the system
Then what a BT back office report looks like check this out here taken on the 26th march so believe me it looks allot different now..
BT is very to similar BB except BT has weekly pay outs not several weeks waiting like BB. 
Also BOT does NOT have a monthly subscription when you purchase traffic packs, 
With BOT you purchase when you need TP.s
Below is a comparison between BT and BB for your reference hope it helps.

Bank on Traffic
Banners Broker

Membership Categories:
3 Categories:
Standard = $15,
Gold = $50,
Platinum = $100

2 Categories:
Standard = $15,
Premium = $100
BT Business Packs or
BB Panel Categories:

Note: UV = Unique Visitors
BI = Banner Impressions

5 Business Packs:
Starter:       $50 = 5,000 UV
Basic:       $150 = 15,000 UV
Pro:          $450 = 45,000 UV
Expert:   $1,350 = 135,000 UV
Elite:      $4,050 = 405,000 UV
6 Impressions Panels:
Yellow:     $10 = 1,000 BI
Purple:      $30 = 3,000 BI
Blue:         $90 = 9,000 BI
Green:     $270 = 27,000 BI
Red:        $810 = 81,000 BI
Black:   $2,430 = 243,000 BI

BT Business Pack Sets or
BB Panel Sets:

A Set is a combination of
prequalified Packs or Panels.
5 Sets:
$50 = 5,000 UV
$200 = 20,000 UV
$650 = 65,000 UV
$2,000 = 200,000 UV
$6,050 = 605,000 UV
6 Sets:
$10 = 1,000 BI
$40 = 4,000 BI
$130 =13,000 BI
$400 = 40,000 BI
$1,210 = 121,000 BI
$3,640 = 364,000 BI

Number of Complimentary
Sets per Member:

Complimentary Traffic
2 Rounds

2 Rounds
Transfers from one member
to another:
Transfer Sets = No
Transfer Panels = No
Transfer Money = No

Transfer Sets = Yes
Transfer Panels = Yes
Transfer Money = No
Amount of Traffic or
Sales Credits to Qualify
Business Packs or BB Panels:

Each Sales Credit = 1/2 of this
$50 = 5,000 Traffic Credits (TC)
$150 = 15,000 TC
$450 = 45,000 TC
$1,350 = 135,000 TC
$4,050 = 405,000 TC
$10 = 5,000 Traffic Credits (TC)
$30 = 15,000 TC
$90 = 45,000 TC
$270 = 135,000 TC
$810 = 405,000 TC
$2,430 = 1,215,000 TC

Repurchase Options on
distribution of funds from
completed cycles:

Comp 1 = 100%
New & Repurchase Packs = 100% or 50%
*Roll Up Packs = 100%, 50%, or 0%

*Only Roll Up Packs may be cashed out
with no repurchase of new Packs required.

All Panels = 100% or 50%

All Panel distribution requires at
lease one repurchased panel.
Traffic Packs (TP):
Credits used to qualify
BT packs or BB panels
2 Traffic Packs:
$50 for 20,000 credits + 1,000 UV for
your Ad Campaigns
$250 for 100,000 credits + 10,000 UV
for your Ad Campaigns

1 Traffic Pack*:
$50 for 50,000 + 50,000 Bonus

*Each TP requires a monthly
subscription commitment
TP Monthly Subscriptions:

TP Subscription Cancellation
Yes, you lose the 50,000 Bonus
and a reversal of qualified panels
using Bonus

TP Purchase Limits:
Standard Member: 5 $50 TP
Gold Member:
5 $50 TP + 5 $250 TP
Platinum Member:
5 $50 TP + Unlimited $250 TP

Standard Member: 1 $50 TP per month
Premium Member: Unlimited TP*
*Each TP is a monthly subscription
Cost of Qualifying using
Traffic Pack Credits:
Each $50 in Traffic Credits Qualifies
$200 worth of Business Packs + includes
at least 1,000 additional UV traffic for
your Ad Campaigns

Each $50 in Traffic Credits Qualifies
$200 worth of Impression Panels.
Incoming Funding Ewallet

Outgoing Withdrawal Fees
$2.00 plus 1%

Up to 5% depending on method
Withdrawals Processed:
Every Wednesday on your requests
posted by Midnight EST of the
 previous Saturday

7 to 15 Business Days.
* Members now claim 6 weeks
or longer
Member Account Ownership
and Marketing:
Account ownership is individual with
a marketing brand name or company 
name option allowed for marketing

Account ownership is individual or
corporate with no provisions for brand
name substitutes for marketing purposes.

Account Management
None, this is between the account
holder and his or her manager.

Management Restrictions in place.
1099 Misc Tax Filings
No, you are operating as a Business
Owner and will be responsible for
your own taxes.

Yes, for US members
Server Dependency
BOT principals own a Data Center. 
Server dependency not an  issue
BB depends on outside servers and has
had problems

What is Bank On Traffic all about besides creating upto now 4 Campaign's to any website of your choice as long as a video or sound does not play you will be good to go.. So below is a recent snapshot of one of my Campaigns which was directed to this page on one of my blogs you maybe viewing now because of some of my ads credits I have.. Which I used to have my page placed on certain sites as a pop under that if you found my page through that then as you can see the BT ads work whether you take on board what is being explained here, well that is upto you of course.. All I am doing is trying to convey the Bank On Traffic info direct to you that hopefully you may understand why the BOT program is a really good idea to be a part of plus you can join as a free member user for now and our team if you make contact as we ask will help, advise and provide information for you so you can make an informed decision to take your interested progress forward within the system as you make your first purchase..
Below you will see how my campagn for this BT blog of mine has progressed since I started it so that should prove that using this BT platform to get traffic to any site of your choice will work for you also after all it's what BT does but the twist is you earn income also just for using the BT site to get traffic for any site you choose now it does not get better than that you have to agree..

Welcome Andy Your last login was 2013-06-01 10-05-23 pm
Campaign DetailVisitors Details 

Country: Worldwide Target: 
Business Opps

Today's IP List
Visitors Today
Expected Today
Visitors To Date
Total Visitors Ordered

Stats Key
Campaign Detail - This is the website address the visitors are being sent to
Target - This is the targeting audience of the visitors.  You can change this target at anytime during the campaign by clicking the link displayed in this area.
Visitors Today - This is the amount of real people that have came through to your website from our service
Expected Visitors Today - This is the total number of visitors expected to visit your site today through our service
Total Visitors To Date - This is the total number of visitors that have visited your site through our service
Total Visitors Needed - This is the total amount of visitors you contracted our service to deliver.

Welcome Andy Your last login was 2013-05-19 08-43-15 pm
Campaign DetailVisitors Details 

Country:  Target: 
Business Opps

Today's IP List
Visitors Today
Expected Today
Visitors To Date
Total Visitors Ordered

Stats Key
Campaign Detail - This is the website address the visitors are being sent to
Target - This is the targeting audience of the visitors.  You can change this target at anytime during the campaign by clicking the link displayed in this area.
Visitors Today - This is the amount of real people that have came through to your website from our service
Expected Visitors Today - This is the total number of visitors expected to visit your site today through our service
Total Visitors To Date - This is the total number of visitors that have visited your site through our service
Total Visitors Needed - This is the total amount of visitors you contracted our service to deliver.

Campaign DetailVisitors Details 

Country:  Target: 
Income Opportunities

Today's IP List
Visitors Today
Expected Today
Visitors To Date
Total Visitors Ordered

Welcome Andy Your last login was This is the first time visit
Stats Key
Campaign Detail - This is the website address the visitors are being sent to
Target - This is the targeting audience of the visitors.  You can change this target at anytime during the campaign by clicking the link displayed in this area.
Visitors Today - This is the amount of real people that have came through to your website from our service
Expected Visitors Today - This is the total number of visitors expected to visit your site today through our service
Total Visitors To Date - This is the total number of visitors that have visited your site through our service
Total Visitors Needed - This is the total amount of visitors you contracted our service to deliver.

Also again below are the latest Bank on Traffic update's which you will see as you enter your back office, if not then just in case please view and read now.. Thank You .. 

Member Fees Update Part 1

Hello BT Members 

On June 24th, 2013, Bank on Traffic will have been open for business for a full 90 days.

During this time, we have had a number of problems such as rampant credit card fraud, hacked traffic campaigns, payment processor reversals, and intentional script interference.

We have dealt with or are continuing to deal with each issue as we implement more security measures and will soon have our website member section under locked SSL Certificate and encryption. We are also beginning work on adding a more “marketing and sales oriented front end” to our current website format.

Due to these many issues, it has been difficult to get a real handle on the time frames needed to complete our different business pack sizes and categories.  The one thing we want to accomplish is to have a fair and marketable business model.  In order to do so, we will be making a few significant changes that should make it more cost effective for the majority of members to stay involved and grow with us.

We will be removing the “Monthly Membership Fees” permanently and activating a one-time “$15.00 Activation Fee” and a “Sales Platform Usage Fee” based only on the distribution of your completed business packs not used to make a repurchase.  Using this kind of a fee structure makes our success much more in line and linked directly to the success of our members. In order to implement this new fee structure as soon as possible, we will be reversing all member fees deducted in the month of June.  If your membership payment has already been deducted, it will be returned. If it was not deducted yet, it will not be deducted.  We have also removed the limits on Traffic Packs so that you can purchase the credits you need to qualify your packs whenever you need them.

We know some members will pay a little more than they did with a flat monthly fee but only because they are using a greater proportion of our sales platform.  Remember, if you are a marketer, your success is greatly enhanced when your referred members are able to grow their businesses from small beginnings to greater value for you.

Continued on Member Fees Update Part 2

Member Fees Update Part 2

Here are the updated Terms & Conditions we will be posting shortly.

8b. Activation and Sales Platform Usage Fees

In lieu of a monthly membership fee, you agree to pay a one-time $15.00 USD “Account Activation Fee”. You also agree to pay a “Six Percent (6%) Sales Platform Usage Fee” based on the completion of any and all of your Business Packs (BP) upon distribution of actual funds to your BT Ewallet’s “Available Funds” designation.

No fees will be charged on BP completion funds that result in the automatic purchase of a Business Pack designated as “Repurchase Packs”.

This “Sales Platform Usage Fee” will be assessed in the following manner:
On Business Packs set to the 100% Repurchase Option, Zero fees will be assessed.
On Business Packs set to the 50% Repurchase Option, 6% of one half of the value of the pack completion.
On Business Packs set to the 0% Repurchase Option, 6% of the total value of the pack completion.

8c. Member Ewallet

You will be provided with a BT Ewallet that will show all financial transactions including product purchases, payment of fees, and recording of sales earnings. You will be able to withdraw any funds and only those funds shown as “Available Funds”.  All member earnings shown in your Ewallet, even those earnings not yet available for withdrawal, will be maintained by us in separate, non-member specific, bank accounts designated for the sole purpose of the distribution of member earnings when released to you and available for withdrawal.

Best Regards,
BT Admin

Message from BT Admin
Changes in Purchases and E-wallet
We have recently changed the procedure for making a purchase
We have removed the Fund E Wallet option. 
If you want to purchase a business pack or a Traffic Pack, you will need to go to the radio tab "Purchases" on your dashboard. Choose the pack you wish to purchase and enter the Quantity and then click the Buy Now button at the bottom of the screen. (Or, to purchase Traffic Packs, go to the Traffic Credits tab and select Purchase Traffic Credits) 
Once you click the Buy Now button, the system will debit the available funds in your E-Wallet for the total amount of the purchase transaction. 
If you do not have sufficient funds in your E-Wallet to pay the total amount of the purchase, any remaining balance of the order total can be paid through Payza or STP.
We now have our own help sites but please contact your sponsor first to try and resolve any issues you may have otherwise if it's too serious to answer any query by them use the sites below.. 
We are working as fast as possible with both STP and Payza..
Hope you agree... 
Thank you for your patience and support, BT Admin
Re:- Proper Identification
In order for Bank On Traffic to process any available funds withdrawal request you must submit proper identification that contains your picture. 
The form to submit your identification is on your ACCOUNT page. 
Go to USER IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION to submit identification and to see if your identification submitted has been approved.
Now that we have live funding options actually being deployed by members, several errors are obvious. 

1. If STP payments are being shown on your BT Ewallet as Payza transactions. 
That is a programming information error that has no negative affect on the actual funds, but of course, needs to be fixed. 

2. STP credit card transactions are not currently authorized. 

However, they work at the STP side and do, in fact, take money from your card. 

We are waiting for a ruling from STP management as to whether they are going to reverse these transactions or allow them. 

If STP allows these transactions to stand, we will manually update your Ewallet with these funds, otherwise it will be refunded back to your cards. 
We should be able to advise you shortly. 

3. The Payza transactions are being processed as subscriptions. 

We have no idea why this was set that way as our programmers were working directly with Payza to complete the payment processes. 

It is best that you cancel these subscriptions yourself, but if you don’t, we will. 

We will continue to update you on these issues until we can have them resovled. 

Thank You, BT Admin

Check your accounts for PAYZA 

Solid Trust Pay too account 

Any further Q's you may need A's too just ask..

Regards Andy Cummings in the U.K. your BOT sponsor..

My Personal sites for further contact are

Please Note 

Hello BT Members,
We have been dealing with a number of issues that have had a negative effect to our business model and the completion of packs.
1. Credit Card Reversals
We have been working on all of the credit card reversal issues and have had nearly 400 credit card transactions reversed.  
This was a fairly big drain on our financial resources as over $100,000 was removed from our distribution process after it had already been credited to all of your business pack’s earnings.  
It has taken us all this time to recover these funds by putting 95% of every new product purchase dollar back into your earnings distribution accounts.
2. Refunds
Many of you expressed your concern about the speed at which your packs are generating earnings.  The perception that your packs don’t earn fast enough is the main complaint from those requesting refunds even in some cases where their total earnings exceed their purchased amount.  
More on this in Part Two.
We have completed all but a handful of these refund requests mostly because of credit card issues where the payment has to be returned through the credit card merchant.  
These have been presented for payment but it is up to the merchant processor to complete the credit card refund.
Frankly, we did not anticipate the scope of the above actions and that there would be so many business packs left unpaid.  
Early next week, these packs will be removed from the distribution system.  
This should have a major impact on the number of “Active” packs participating in the earnings distribution.

3. Pack Completion Speeds

Our distribution is not based on a linear timeline.  
We can tell you that our oldest Starter Pack was qualified on April 14th with earnings of $95.13.  
It will more than likely complete today, May 31st, that’s 47 days.  
We too thought it would happen faster but we did not expect all of the negative actions mentioned above that we have had to deal with.

The truth is we don’t know how long it will take because we have only been in business 2 months.  We don’t know the true potential because we have had to deal with some major payment processor reversals.  We continue to make improvements and eliminate weaknesses in the programming. 

In order to determine what speed to expect, to what are you comparing this expected completion time?  If it is that other company that many of you are familiar with?  
Let’s compare actual time frames.  
We have it on good authority that these time frames are accurate.  
Anyone who can challenge these reported numbers, let us know.

$10 product takes approximately 20 to 25 days to complete sales of $20.00

$30 product takes approximately 40 to 55 days to complete sales of $60.00

$90 product takes approximately 70 to 80 days to complete sales of $180.00

If this is the measure of success in this business and we think this company is very successful, then how long should it take to generate $100.00 in sales?  
Based on their successful model, wouldn’t 60 days be competitive?  How about 50 days?  
They reportedly have over 300,000 members, we have 5,500.  
We think it is a little early to be making final judgments.  
We will continue to push on to more success in the future.  
We would like you to be on board for the long haul.

Best Regards,

BT Admin


Yes we did remove this option. You now simply make a purchase and it walks you through the process using your processor account, credit card, ewallet funds or a combination of the three.

The function was removed due to abuse (theft). We have received hundreds of attempted ewallet fundings using stolen credit cards. The tactic attempted was to use the stolen credit card to fund via one processor and then request a withdrawal via another processor before the first detected the fact that the card was stolen.

Bank On Traffic is not interested in holding members funds, acting as a bank or being a credit card processor. We sell a product. The product is internet traffic. Our members are independent marketers that use our business platform. We sell traffic for our members and that's how members make a profit. Members also profit by using their accumulated traffic to promote their personal sites or those they are interested in driving visitors to.

We are about 6 weeks into this business from our start up date. We have sent over 38 million unique visitors to our members campaign sites they've selected. We've
had over 1.2 million dollars worth of packs earn out (complete). We process payout requests every Wednesday (today). Yes, you must have proper identification submitted to withdraw funds. The above described abuse may make our policy more logical to understand for our partner members. Protections are in place and were designed to protect our honest members.

Our target market is members that are interested in sending internet traffic to various sites they select. Instead of paying for that traffic we have a business model that enables our members (independent marketers) to profit from traffic. It makes more sense for members to promote this platform (business partner, BOT) than to make nonsensical open ended questions about our honesty and business ethics. WE ARE NOT A HIGH YIELD MMM INVESTMENT that has a short life that benefits only the first to sign up.

Pack growth depends on sales and the age of the pack. We are selling for you. Your pack dollar growth accelerates as the pack ages. Slower growth early and much faster late.

Any member who understands the above stated business model will also understand that it's in their best interest to promote their personal business by promoting the Bank
On Traffic business model. We are 6 weeks or so into this venture and have done all we claimed. We now have over 20,000 members. We are sending millions visitors to website while our members profit. We will continue to protect members and make changes such as the "funding option" to do so.

Profit within any non-Ponzi business depends on sales. We sell product for our members. All members profit as new members purchase packs (traffic). It makes little sense for members to make claims or innuendo regarding our honesty when we've done all we can to protect you and your profit platform. The more traffic we sell the faster your packs grow. Help yourself out and promote your business platform.

We have received allot of questions regarding the same thing..
"What Makes BOT Different in the sense of Tracking Traffic Sent to our Campaigns"
We understand and have it on good authority that BB said they were going to provide all with information regarding where the traffic came from but they failed to give any proof of IP Addresses.
However BOT is using a third party processor called "mystatscenter" to track the traffic for the campaigns we will be using.
So my best Answer to everyone is to sit tight and let them incorporate it into our back office and see what happens.
I do not doubt that it is real traffic, so please be patient.

Sign up to our Team at: Bank On Traffic Team Build

- Andy C Skype: EzyNtrPrise add me as a skype contact so I can add you to our team skype help room for further Bank On Traffic Info

The first set is the most important one because it is a complementary set, which means that it does not require any traffic or sales ( referrals ) to generate income.
At this point you want to go the highest possible level you can easily afford, if you can afford the Elite set for $6,050 then go for it as it will reach ET ( Earning Target, which is double its value $12,100 ) without any requirements.
If you can afford only a smaller set or feel comfortable with a smaller set, then go for it also.
The Pro set for $650 is a good option which reaches ET @ $1,300.
There are three ( 3 ) different membership levels ( Standard, Gold and Platinum ).
You can go straight with Standard as it can be upgraded later when needed.
Now that you have your membership level and business package set, it is time now to choose your repurchase feature.
There are two ( 2 ) different repurchase options. 100% and 50%.
The 100% repurchase option, will repurchase all the balance and generate additional business packages.
The 50% repurchase option, will only purchase half of the income as additional business packages and the remaining 50% will be credited to your ewallet available balance.
The best choice to go for on the first run is 100%, because this will double the amount of business packages that you have and so it will also double your income potential in the future.
On the second round you can set it to 50% and that will create exactly double the amount you spent when you made your first purchase plus many business packages to generate additional income.
If you want to Hit & Run, you can set it to 50% on both run and this way you will get your money out faster but in the long term this will hurt your business allot.
For maximum long term income, you can set both complementary run to 100% and this will quadruple your income potential for the following run.
After the complementary run is over, you will need to either purchase Traffic Packages or generate Sales ( Refer others ) to keep on earning.
This is how it all works.
For Step by Step Illustrated instructions, become part of our team and contact us with your username, email and sponsor name.
We will provide you with full support and step by step instructions.
Plus in the very near future Free marketing tools, autoresponder and more.
Bank On Traffic Review
What is Bank On Traffic?
Bank On Traffic is a new program which has a similar compensation plan to Banners Broker but with less monthly commitments.
Bank On Traffic claims to be a company that specializes in driving traffic to any website of youir choice.
Anyone can join Bank On Traffic and benefit through the sale of website traffic to generate an income.
You can make money by joining Bank On Traffic and purchasing ‘Business Packages’.<>br> Timing is perfect as this program is brand new!
The earlier the better and remember to keep in mind the golden rules when making any type of product purchase.
“Do not spend more than you can easily afford to lose”
and also
“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.
After you read this post proceed to read “Bank On Traffic Strategy“ below..

Bank On Traffic Business Packages!
There are 5 different categories of Business Packages available.
To new members and first time purchase Bank On Traffic offers a complementary business package and this will reach ET (Earnings Target) without requiring any traffic.
So your first purchase is really important because you can double it without any qualifications.
Here is the chart for the Business Packages and the Complementary bonuses.
In the image below you can see an example of a Complimentary Business Package IMAGE TO BE ADDED SOON (The Starter Package $50).
This package will double its value without the need of any traffic.
Bank On Traffic Compensation Plan
Here below are some of the bullet points.
There are 3 different membership categories :-
BT Business Packages and UV per package (Unique Visitors)
5 Different Business Packages
Starter : $50 – 5,000 UV
Basic : $150 – 15,000 UV
Pro : $450 – 45,000 UV
Expert: $1,350 – 135,000 UV
Elite : $4,050 – 405,000 UV
BT Business Pack Sets (A Set is a combination of pre-qualified packs).
$50 – 5,000 UV
$200 – 20,000 UV
$650 – 65,000 UV
$2,000 – 200,000 UV
$6,050 – 605,000 UV
Amount of traffic needed to qualify each Business Package. TC (Traffic Credits).
$50 = 5,000 TC
$150 = 15,000 TC
$450 = 45,000 TC
$1,350 = 135,000 TC
$4,050 = 405,000 TC
Repurchase Options on distribution of funds from completed cycles :
Comp 1 = 100%
New & Repurchase Packs = 100% or 50%
*Roll Up Packages = 100%, 50% or 0%
Only roll up packages can be cashed out without having to repurchase.
Traffic Packages (TP) : Credits used to qualify Business Packs :
$50 – 20,000 TC + 1,000 UV
$250 – 100,000 TC + 10,000 UV
*No monthly subs required
Traffic Packages Purchase Limits :-
Standard Member : 5 x $50 TP
Gold Member : 5 x $50 TP + 5 x $250 TP
Platinum Member : 5 x $50 TP + Unlimited $250 TP
Transfer of packages, sets or funds through members is not allowed.
No fees on Income Funds ( Deposits ).
Withdrawal Fees ( $2 + 1% ).
Withdrawals paid every Wednesday for previous week
. No 1099 Tax, you are responsible for your own taxes.
BOT owns a Data Center so there is no server dependency.
This information is enough to give you a full idea of Bank On Traffic, the product and compensation plan.
Please share your thoughts and comments.
Step By Step Guide
Bank On Traffic Strategy
Step by Step by Seo vault
A BIG Hello to all Team Members!
As promised here is a step by step guide on the Bank On Traffic Strategy.
These are suggestions and steps that you should take right when you start with Bank On Traffic.
I won’t be explaining the complete compensation plan.
I will explain some of the basics while giving out step by step instructions on how to maximize your Bank On Traffic earnings.
This basic strategy is focused on the complementary set.
An advanced strategy will come out after the first round is completed.
Read slowly through the entire guide and you will understand everything.
Don’t rush it, don’t jump any pages.
Go Step by Step and everything will be self-explanatory.
If by any chance you don’t understand something, you can contact me.
(Contact on the top menu or at the bottom of this post.)
Note : You can skip directly to Part III if you want to get started right away.
Page I – The Basics
Page II – The Guide
Page III – Step by Step Instructions
Part I – The Basics
There are three main terms that we will be using in this guide and ultimately in the program itself.
Complementary Sets :: Business Sets :: Business Packages
There are 5 different Business Packages
… Starter Pack :: Cost $50 ::
… Basic Pack :: Cost $150 ::
… Pro Pack :: Cost $450 ::
… Expert Pack :: Cost $1350 ::
… Elite Pack :: Cost $4050 ::
There are 5 different Business Sets (A business set, is a combination of Business packages).
For example the Basic Business Set contains a Basic Pack + a Starter Pack. (Sets included 1 month fee)
…. Starter Set :: Cost $65 :: E.T. $100
…. Basic Set :: Cost $215 :: E.T. $400
…. Pro Set :: Cost $665 :: E.T. $1,300
…. Expert Set :: Cost $2015 :: E.T. $4,000
…. Elite Set :: Cost $6065 :: E.T. $12,100
E.T.= Earnings Target (Total Income) = The amount of money you will earn per Business Set.
I am going to break down a Business Set so you can see what it is all about.
…. Expert Set Cost $2015 – This set contains the following packages :
…. Expert 1350, … Pro 450, … Basic 150 & Starter 50 – Packs + 15 fee = $2015
There are 5 different Complementary Sets.
A complementary set is the same as a business set but without requirements to reach E.T.
Meaning that you can reach E.T. (Earnings Target) without buying traffic or referring others.
There are 3 membership levels :
- Standard :: $15 / month :: up to 5 TP50 / month
- Gold :: $50 / month :: up to 5 TP50 and TP250 / month
- Platinum :: $100 / month :: unlimited TP50 and TP250 / month
There are 2 different traffic packages :
- TP50 :: $50 :: 20,000 Traffic Credits to qualify Business Packs
- TP250 :: $250 :: 100,000 Traffic Credits to qualify Business Packs
Note : If you are starting with a high level package, after the complementary set you will need the Gold or Platinum memberships to be able to qualify your packages, unless you are actively sponsoring others.
Part II – The Guide
This guide will teach you the basics about Bank On Traffic.
The basics are focused 100% on the complementary sets.
Your 1st purchase ever will always be a complementary set, these sets do not require traffic to reach E.T.
Which means that you can make money without having to refer others nor purchase traffic packages.
There are several options that can be tweaked to get the most out of this complementary set.
The complementary set is based on two rounds of free traffic.
With this free traffic you can reach E.T. and at the same time keep enough business packages to keep earning in the future.
After the first two rounds (complimentary rounds) are over, you will either need to purchase traffic or refer others to keep earning with Bank On Traffic.
This will what I will guide you through in the next Part.

1 – How To Load BT account
2 – Purchase your Complementary Set
3 – Setting up your business packages (Main Strategy)
4 – Second round business packages set up
5 – Two additional strategies (Maximum Long Term Income and; Hit and; Run Strategies)

When purchasing your first complementary set you have to make sure that you purchase the highest package available to your budget.
The reason for this is that this set requires no traffic to reach earnings target.
This offer is only available once and it happens right on the first purchase.
So for example, if you were to purchase the Start pack for $50, you would end up with $100 in total earnings.
After that to keep earning you will either need referrals or traffic packages.
But if you purchase the Expert Complementary Set $2015, you will end up with $4000.
After this first set is completed, then the Bank On Traffic – Advanced Strategy will be released.

Part III – Step by Step Instructions
Step #1 – Join Bank On Traffic with your sponsor link or CLICK HERE .
- Once you see the site
On the top right corner click on “Sign Up” and fill up the small form.
Make sure that your sponsor name / username is right where it says “Referred by :”
- You will receive an email with a temporary password to activate your account.
Then Go back to and login.
Update your profile and set up a new password.

Step #2 – Fund your Bank On Traffic account
- Login to your account @
- On the next window click on “E-wallet” then “Load E-wallet”.
PayZa ,or SolidTrust Pay & Bankwire are available for funding.
But for now please try and use STP only here
- Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account funding.
Step #3 – Purchase your Complementary Set ( Main strategy )
- Go back to your dashboard by clicking on “Dashboard” on the top menu.
- Choose the complementary set you would like to start with and click on “Buy Now”
( whichever you feel comfortable with but remember to pick the highest possible to benefit from the complementary traffic ).
- Now just Complete the payment.
Step #4 – Set your Business Packages to 100% Re-purchase
This will give you double the income potential in the near feature.
Once your business packages complete the first round, you will now have two packages of each category.
Step #5 – On the second round set the Re-purchase to 50%
That’s all you need to do until you move to the Advanced Strategy.
The above steps will be improved once the program is fully running.
There are two variations to this same strategy depending on how you want to start your Bank On Traffic ‘Career’
( Let’s call it that way ).
1 – Maximum Long Term Income Strategy
Step #1 – Complete steps 1 through 4 of the main strategy.
Step #2 – On Step #5 above, instead of setting your repurchase balance to 50%, set it to 100%.
This change will give you 4 times the amount of business packages you first purchased.
So now you can focus on purchasing traffic to qualify those packages and generate maximum income.
You can keep on setting the repurchase to 100%, to double your packages each time.
You will also have the option to roll-up to higher packages.
Whenever you want to withdraw / cash-out, just sent some packages to 50% repurchase.
That will give you new packages and also available cash balance that will be available for withdrawal.
Note : If you are actively building your downline, there is a chance that you don’t have to purchase traffic packages.
From a money point of view, purchasing traffic packages will only make you earn a bit slower as you will be spending more v's profit.
2 – The Hit & Run Strategy
Step #1 – Complete steps 1 through 3 of the main strategy.
Step #2 – On Step #4, set the repurchase feature to 50%.
When the round is completed and your business packages reaches E.T. you will get 100% of your business set value. 

This is the fastest way to break even.
Step #3 – Set the new business package to 50% as well and when E.T. is reached you would have an additional 100%.
Your total income should be 200% of your initial business set purchase, minus fees and monthly fees.
On top of that, you will have a business package which you can qualify through traffic purchase or getting direct referrals.
Note : If there is a 100% mandatory repurchase on the first round of a complementary set, then this strategy doesn’t apply. (Will know soon).
Bank on Traffic...
A website which offers advertising as its core product and comes with a compensation plan that has its similarities as well as differences from the long running program... Banners Broker.
This program helps you in getting Quality traffic that not only brings potential customers to your website, but also helps build your online presence by making your site more popular with the traffic ranking agencies like and
Bank on Traffic only opened registrations from 19th February 2013, so it is the best time to get involved.
This gives time to consider the level of Upgrade for each member.
Listed here are the 5 Business Pack sets, A Set is a combination of prequalified Packs.
These packages are entitled to 2 Complimentary doubles before it is necessary to have 2 referrals or buy Traffic Packs.
In other words:
This program can help in doubling your money over and over again passively..
Your packages are doubled 2 times (as you get re-entry on each cycling) without needing to buy traffic packs or even without referring..
In order to get your package doubled beyond 2 times ie. 3rd time onwards, you need to either buy traffic packs (as per the requirement mentioned below) or have 2 referrals..
Choose carefully, the higher the package the greater the free doubles, also the greater the risk.
This applies to any online business.
IS "Bank On Traffic" PASSIVE?
You may be thinking, I cannot recruit, can I still earn?
Is it passive?
The answer is YES!
No recruiting required whatsoever.
Please see Qualifications section for details.
Earnings of these Packages
Compensation is all about doubling principal funds deposited and options to compound into additional 'Advertising Business Packs', which I will be getting involved in.
There will be two compounding options.. 100% and 50%.
At 100% compounding:
For example... the starting pack costs $50.. the expiry target is $100.
From there it goes into a splitting affect.
$50 purchases another 2 advertising business packs and each ABP $50 goes into a 2 x $50 = $100 expiry target. Result is 2 x $100 = $200.
At 50% compounding:
For example.. The starting pack costs $50.. again the 'expiry target' is $100.
$50 goes into a member's E-wallet which you can withdraw or repurchase another ABP if you wish.
The other $50 auto purchases another ABP ( Advertising Business Pack ) which has an expiry target of $100.
So there are a few options with BOT.. Depending if your into compounding or not.
Getting back to the core product of advertising, each $50 ABP comes with 5000 unique visits to your stuff ranging up to to the $4050 ABP that starts with 405,000 unique visits.
Monthly Fees & Qualifications
The bonus with purchasing Traffic Packs is that they are NOT a monthly commitment.
However, the different levels of membership allow for different amounts of TPs available for purchase.
Membership Type:-
Standard ( $15 a month ): allows purchase of 5 x $50 TPs
Gold ( $50 a month ):allows purchase of 5 x $50 plus 5 x $250 TPs
Platinum ( $100 a month ):allows purchase of 5 x $50 plus Unlimited $250 TPs
EACH $50 TP qualifies $200 in value.
EACH $250 TP qualifies $1,000 in value.
BOT also gives UV points which may be used in your Ad Campaigns.
Payment Processors
There was confirmation PAYZA will be accepted with STP in the process of being added.
Bank Wire and CC hopefully will also become available.
We have set up a Skype Strategy Room for Paid & free members for now.
This is for member discussion on how to maximise this pay plan and for Q's that need A's for all involved within our team..
. Withdrawals
Bank On Traffic is very similar to BannersBroker but with improvements.
One being, get paid weekly each Wednesday if the withdrawal is placed before the previous Saturday.
This is a huge advantage.
No more waiting for payouts.
Procedure for joining
The procedure for joining is simple, join for free, decide which package you wish to purchase, then Fund the E-wallet from one of the options provided.
Please use the next few days once being a free member user to consider the package you wish to join with.
Bank On Traffic - How It Works
Step 1
You decide to purchase a Pro Complimentary Business Set for say $665.00..
This includes a Pro Pack worth $450, Basic Pack worth $150, and Starter Pack worth $50 and the first month’s membership fee of $15.00..
You will also be given 65,000 UV traffic.
This is basically free traffic that you can use on any website of your choosing.
You can use the traffic to promote your website/blog, it’s totally up to you where you want to send that traffic too.
1st Month Member Fee $15.00
Starter Pack $50
Basic Pack $150
Pro Pack $450
65,000 UV Traffic
Step 2
Your Starter Pack , Basic Pack, and Pro Pack will begin with a $0 balance and will gradually begin to earn money as Bank on Traffic sells your traffic.
The Earnings Target (ET) is the point where your pack will mature
Pack breakdown
Cost Traffic ET
$450 45,000 $900
Step 3
Once your Starter Pack, Basic Pack, and Pro Pack reaches the Earnings Target (ET), your pack will mature and you decide to set your compounding rate at 100%
Your earnings of $100 will be used to buy 2 Starter Packs.
Your earnings of $300 will be used to buy 2 Basic Packs.
Your earnings of $900 will be used to buy 2 Pro Packs.
This earns you a total of 10,000 more UV Traffic
( 5,000 from each of the 2 Complimentary Starter Packs )
This earns you a total of 30,000 more UV Traffic
( 15,000 from each of the 2 Complimentary Basic Packs )
This earns you a total of 90,000 more UV Traffic
( 45,000 from each of the 2 Complimentary Pro Packs )
Once again, your 2 New Starter Packs, Basic Packs, and Pro Packs begin with a $0 balance and will gradually begin to earn money as Bank on Traffic sells your traffic.
Pack breakdown
Cost Traffic ET
$450 45,000 $900
Cost Traffic ET
$450 45,000 $900
Step 4
This time, once your Starter Pack, Basic Pack, and Pro Pack reaches the Earnings Target (ET), you have a choice of what to do..
1) 100% compound – The earnings ( $100 / $300 / $900 ) from your matured Starter Pack, Basic Pack, and Pro Pack will be used to automatically buy 2 New Starter Packs, Basic Packs, and Pro Packs.
2) 50% compound – $50 / $150 / $450 will be sent to your account balance, the remaining $50 / $150/ $450 will be used to automatically buy 1 New Starter Pack, Basic Pack, and Pro Pack.
The Same Goes For Basic and Starter Package! I highly Recommend You start with Pro Package and if you have to then go for Basic Package but DO NOT START WITH STARTER! You will not earn as quickly.
Bank on Traffic Business Sets & Packs
What is a Bank on Traffic Business Pack?
Bank on Traffic has 6 different packs available.
For example if you decide to buy the Basic pack, you will receive 15,000 visitors to a website of your choice..
Pack Cost Traffic
$50 5,000
$150 15,000
$450 45,000
$1,350 135,000
$4,050 405,000
Business Sets
What are Bank on Traffic Business Sets?
Think of a set as a bundle package that consists of multiple packs.
You may only purchase 1 complimentary business set if you are a new member.
For example if you decide to buy the Expert pack, you will be given an 1 expert pack, 1 pro pack, 1 basic pack and 1 starter pack in a bundle.
Set Cost Traffic Packs
$65 5,000 1 starter pack
$215 20,000 1 starter pack
1 basic pack
$665 65,000 1 starter pack
1 basic pack
1 pro pack
$2,015 200,000 1 starter pack
1 basic pack
1 pro pack
1 expert pack
$6,065 605,000 1 starter pack
1 basic pack
1 pro pack
1 expert pack
1 elite pack
Bank On Traffic Complimentary Business Pack
There are 5 different Bank on Traffic complimentary business packs available for purchase.
A one time complimentary business pack set will contain one each of all the business packs below it.
Look below for a description of each table column.
Set Pack Cost
UV Traffic Set Cost
Set Traffic Packs Earnings Target
Starter $50 5,000 - $65 5,000 - 1 $100
Basic $150 15,000 - $215 20,000 - 2 $400
Pro $450 45,000 - $665 65,000 - 3 $1,300
Expert $1,350 135,000 - $2,015 200,000 - 8 4 $4,000,br> Elite $4,050 405,000 - $6,065 605,000 - 5 $12,100
Pack Cost: Only applies to your first set purchase.
UV Traffic: Traffic received for your first set purchase
Set Cost: Cost of each set after your first purchase
Set Traffic: Traffic received for each set after your first purchase
Packs: Quantity of packs in each set
Earnings Target (ET): Your total return

Hope our information has been of assistance to all concerned and viewing this page on my blog..