Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Why I became a member of ViralPLR Plus The Ripple Effect

Take a look at why I became a member of ViralPLR... Just found myself a new social site why not join me cos the more is the merrier hope you agree
Join me as we ripple together look

Hi Guys n Gals..
By now you may or may not know about the new Ripple app 
I have been heavily involved in launching recently..
It's a new mobile app project. 
This project has just opened up!
It's still a secret, but we can finally allow new people to see some great info to do with it : 
You can also visit my sponsor here too
Check it out ( for free ). 
All you have to do is PM me and let us know you want to see what we have! 
I have put a good few people into the system in the first 16 hours that I joined. 
Just PM me so I can send you a non-disclosure activation code! 
All I need is your full name and best email addy so I can add you to our team system! Just send a message to my email addy here requesting your DNA activation code in subject line or text me +447581419081 with same info.. Let's chat on Skype Quick way to add me as a contact On Skype skype:ezyntrprise?add or just check me out skype:ezyntrprise?userinfo Or message me on facebook ..  Now scroll down below for more info..

Yes if you watched the video link above you will see I joined with Kimball..
Why? Well, I have worked with him before a few years back and what he does to help his team in anything he does just works with what he offers and creates for all in his team to use..
All who join with us or should I say me will be given a special platform affiliated link to promote this concept as time passes by which does help! I already seen what the intro page looks like and believe me it is just what people need.. 
Listen here about apps in general :
So why wait! 
Let's get this ball rolling out for you also so all concerned can start referring this concept to everyone you now.. 
But due to the way this is being rolled out I can only give out codes to 5 yes, just five people at any one time so it will be a first come first served basis so contact me now asap for your very own coded non-disclosure sign up form site link .. 
See you on the otherside.. Check out my info FB page here
ALL You Need To Know About the Ripple concept is below..
Now Just message me on FaceBook or Skype look for EzyNtrPrise with your full name and best email address or CELL  number # and I will Email or Text You a CODE so that you can begin your own Ripple! But you can text me too +447581419081 so I can give you the code you need to use on the site activation page here 
Even via email too 
Subject line Send my NDA invite code..
Invites are going out on a strictly first come first serve basis
How would you like to be in on the next huge wave of opportunity made possible by the explosive growth of Smartphone's and Tablets across the globe?
So you have a Smartphone? 

Whether it's an iPhone or an Android,
I'll take a guess that you have downloaded an App? A game? Watched a movie, bought something? 
Used your phone to connect to your favorite Social Network? 
Of course. We all do, every single day. 

It's estimated that in the US alone the value of commerce conducted from Mobile Phones and Tablets will exceed $86 Billion by 2016! 
And that's without Travel Bookings, Event Ticket Sales or Games!
World wide that could be close to $250 Billion! 

Those numbers present a fantastic Business Opportunity if your placed to get your share of the action.
Ever downloaded a Free App or a Free Game only to have to pay to unlock upgrades or more features? 

It's called the Freemium model. 

Games like Angry Birds and Temple Run generate $100's of Millions in revenue using that model.
Don't worry if you're not playing games like that, your kids are!

Any of your friends joined Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram? Did you recommend they join? 

Chances are you've recommended lots of things to lots of people. 

These days it's called Social Sharing and it's how things go viral on the Internet.
(Its how the developers make stacks of cash. Because you share their stuff, do all the work and they profit!)
So let me ask you this. 

When did you last get a cheque from Facebook? or Twitter? When did that game developer send you profit share? 

A decade ago Facebook started with 1000 Harvard Students and the Social Ripple went out and that grew to 1 Billion users. 

Did the original 1000 get paid for starting the wave? 
No they didn't.

But all that's about to change. 

A shockwave is about to crush the old model. 

From here on in things will be done differently.
A Business Opportunity is about to be launched that will change the face of Social Marketing and give you the first mover advantage.
If you take it. But you have to be quick!
Go here now and see

Then if you want your own Private Invite Code to 'look inside' and lock in your first mover advantage this is what you need to do.
Email me at with the subject line 'Please Send My Invite'.


In the email you need to include your first name and last name, your best email address, and your cell phone number.
So that's ......

1) Your First and Last Name

2) Your best email address

3) Your cell Phone Number.
(All your information will be kept strictly confidential, we promise!)

Invites will be sent out on a strict first come first serve basis. 

We will email you the invite link and you must accept the invite within a few hours or your Invite slot will be given to the next person in line. 

If that sounds harsh I am sorry, its just so we don't block the system. 

But I will send you another one upon a 2nd request or as soon as one is available.. 
As soon as the invite has gone out we will text you if you send us your mobile number..
So you know its in your inbox.
: Place the code on the site page press continue when the tick at the side turns green.
Then you will see the non disclosure page use your mouse pointer as a drawing tool in the centre oblong white space create your signature as best you can then press continue..
If you have done that and continued there is really no need to watch all the video just stop it as it's on the member site anyway.. 

Now press continue again so on 
the next page check your details create a password then press continue again the next page says accepted now login top right green button on that page..

Let me know when you have been able to login to your back office..

 :  When finished you will see 5 activation codes in your back office but do not click on them just yet only click on one at a time once you start inviting people to join this with you because you need there full name and email addy to do that like I just did with you it's all a manual process you see.. 

I will then send you a video presentation to see how it works for now but do NOT send it to your people until your sponsored code you send to them turns white in you ripple back office..

The code blocks on the site have now changed so to see the code you will have to spin the red box click on it on whose name you enter to see the code the email sent out it but it can be sent by text instead..

This is a phone app called rippl'n that will go viral - the app is a texting/gaming/social media app; 
It will be FREE - which is why it will go viral; so people can share it and just say "hey this is a cool app, check it out" - the difference is the app will be accessed via a link that creates a line of sponsorship (geneology) from person to person; 
Once they have the app, it will prove to be MUCH MORE than a texting/gaming/social media app... it will become (ideally) their "go to app" on their phone - go to for purchases of movie pix, airline tickets, hotel rooms, retail purchases, etc... - 
In other words - the app grows virally because people will want to use it for texting, then as they learn to use it for e-commerce, money will be spent (as folks are already doing that, just now, it will be done (ideally) through this app.
Anyone who is upline AND is in the pay plan  (cost: 300$ or 900$ in late may 2013), will profit from all that ecommerce; the end user who doesn't care about making money with it, so this will always keep the app free to use and will be enticed to use it 
for ecommerce, that is where the money is going to be made.
The app will initially be available in 30 countries.
If this thing grows virally - as it should -  millions will use it and millions or more in business will be done through it - those in the pay plan and above the users will profit from that activity.
Now as for enrollment:  In late may, you will get to choose 
whether you're a "fan" (no income); domestic player (income from usa activity only); global player (income worldwide) - when it comes time to "pay in" to profit from the pay plan, you'll be able to decide whether or not to do that - it will happen some time in the latter half of May.
You are NOT providing any funds today - and again - you are NOT committed to paying for anything unless and until you choose to be in the pay plan.
You will need to upload a picture AND a copy of your drivers license or passport (for id verification to ensure this system is not abused). 
Once you're enrolled, you can enroll others using the same links. 
There are no "replicated pages" yet. (Yes, it's THAT early) PLEASE - no mass blasting or public posting; promote ONLY person to person  (private messages, etc.)
You have ONLY a few weeks left to use this "pre-enrollment" form; then this concept well, this will open to more folks. 
You are among the FIRST globally to hear of it. 
Plus (I'm here to help if needed) I will create a Skype help room also thank you for joining our initial team but remember this app will always be free for users who are not bothered about the comp plan so in essence it is free and always will be cheers..
Let's get going, look forward to sharing this with you.   
Try this new App also........

What is Going On..

What is About to Happen..

Tech and History Merging?

For thousands of years, the process of making

steel was virtually unchanged. It was very hard 

and time-consuming.

But in 1905, Andrew Carnegie added a new technology

that made the steel-making process faster and easier...

And almost overnight, he made 1000 new millionaires,

who were previously little more than normal steel laborers

before the technology was introduced.

Here's the important history lesson: 
When new technologies are introduced (that make

processes faster and easier) it ALWAYS produces

new wealth for the people.

We are currently living in an era where the technology has

made the process of purchasing easier and faster than ever before.

In the past, we would have to carry checks, or lug around

cash and coins, or even pull out our credit card and sign a receipt.

But today, through mobile commerce, even those old forms

of paying are becoming more and more obsolete.

Let me explain: 
Let’s say you have an iPhone and download a free app game

like “Clash of Clans.” The purpose of the game is to create a clan,

build a village for the clan, and train your warriors to protect your 

village from invaders.

But here’s where it gets interesting: although you can play for free

and slowly earn virtual “gems” to help you fund clans projects. 

You can also make an “IN APP” purchase to speed up the pace 

of gem-getting.

For instance, with the touch of a finger, you can purchase a

“pile of Gems” ($4.99), a “bag of Gems” ($9.99), a “sack of Gems” ($19.99),

a “box of Gems” ($49.99), or…if you are feeling really ambitious to get

some extra swords and sling-shots to fight off the barbarian invaders, 

you can touch your iphone screen and purchase a “chest of Gems” for only $99.99.

The company “Supercell” (based in Finland), who makes “Clash of Clans” earns just a tad over $1,000,000 per day through these “In-APP” purchases worldwide. Yes, that’s one million per day from people nonchalantly tapping their phone.

Apple gets a 30% of the cut (or about $300,000) daily just from Supercell. And Supercell brings home around $700,000 per day.

Not too shabby.  

Remember this: when the ability to purchase is made easier through technology, more wealth is created FASTER than ever.

Remember this too: when people play “Clash of Clans”, they are encouraged to just press a button and invite all their Facebook friends to play with them. (BTW- if I get another Farmville invite I’m going to freak out!)

Anyway, some of the invited friends actually begin to play. And believe it or not, LOTS of those people end up purchasing LOTS of gems….which brings Supercell a healthy $1,000,000 a day.

Now…once again we have a curious scenario:  
The users, the fans, and the players of “Clash of Clans” are the real evangelists and unsuspecting advertisers for Supercell. They invite their friends in droves. Their friends buy virtual “sacks of gems” like they are going out of style.

The math breaks down to something like this:
“Clash of Clans” Company = $1,000,000 per day
“Apple” = $300,000 per day (at 30%)
“Players who SHARE the game” = $0

Did you know the most bankable commodity in the world is not diamonds or oil, it’s your friends in your phone and in your social graph. Tech companies are currently harvesting that wealth in droves…and the people are shut out.

Does anyone else see an odd relationship with the way things currently are? 
Imagine if the Ripple introduces a game like "Clash of Clans" (which would bring the ripple about $1,000,000 per day, or 365 Million in a

This doesn't even hint at the possibilities our platform provides.

We believe that just like Andrew Carnegie's new technology created over 1000 millionaires...we believe the ripple-tracking technology that RECOGNIZES and
 rewards you for your social graph...may go down in history as one of the most 
innovative ideas of the century.

Let us be very clear: building your ripple right now may be one of the most important things you can possibly do in your entire life.

The Reality..

Now Just message me on FaceBook or Skype look for EzyNtrPrise with your full name and best email address or CELL  number # and I will Email or Text You a CODE so that you can begin your own Ripple! But you can text me too +447581419081 so I can give you the code you need to use on the site activation page here   Even via email too 
Subject line Send my NDA invite code..

Try this new App also  .......